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lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

Detection of drugs in urine

Each substance remains in the body for some time or another. The drug will disappear sooner or later depending on the person and the habit you have. Hear God you will have tricks to make it go away before, but do little. What can you be helpful is to know how long each drug remains in the urine. Here is a table summarizing useful information.
The toxicological analysis of alcohol are usually carried out in urine. There are apparatus that measure the level of alcohol in exhaled breath and refer to the rate of blood alcohol. It is a system that within hours after the last use for the test.

At 2 or 3 days after last use.

Ecstasy, MDMA
At 2 or 3 days after last use


Its use is not detected in routine toxicology tests


The usual analytical performed in urine detected no traces of this substance.


At 5 days after consumption.


From 3 to 8 days after last use.


The usual analytic performed in urine detected no traces of this substance

Joints (marijuana, hashish)

In sporadic use disappears within 20 days after the last consumo.Para chronic use can take up to 80 days.
(amphetamines) Between 2-4 days after last use.

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