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jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010

Why young people use drugs?

Why is drug addiction among young people?. Could it be that many people take them as they also want to take them? Or why they think they are going to be taking them more "cool" group, or do what they feel pressured by the group to take them? Well these questions should discuss in more detail in the following.
First, I believe that young people use drugs, when they leave the party because they see older people taking them and they see that they are laughing and seems to be what they are doing well because they too want to try them. Among all the most used are: snuff, joints and alcohol and seeing that there's nothing wrong after consuming them, follow them taking.
Another reason why young people use drugs, I think most believe is the "cool" group. I mean, for example, most kids start to smoke and drink, because just think they are going to get people better and that will bind more. And of course the smoking and drinking what happens to most people feel more and more that can go do what they want and whenever they want.
On the other hand, finally I think the biggest reason why young people use drugs is because of peer pressure. This means that for example, when a gang of fifteen people, and of those fifteen all smoke and drink at least two, probably that these two feel like the "weird" of the group and tell friends who smoke and drink, for by pressure and not to smoke and drink to be different as all. It is true that there are kids who luckily peer pressure and friends what they think gives them the same and therefore neither smoke nor drink.
In conclusion, I believe that kids who do not
smoke or drink and they start is because they want and they know what they do and do not do, however I believe that those who do not drink or smoke and not going to do is that they are smart and know what they do if they start to do so.


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